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Fun in Austin, TX!

Cinder and I journeyed to the state capitol this weekend to show and fellowship with the Frontier Leo group.
Tessa (TippingPoint's Contessa of Bluebonnet) had a fantastic weekend, going Best of Winners on Saturday for a 3 pt major and Best of Opposite on Sunday for 4 pts!  She is owned by Jim & Lynn Gregory.Cinder (Wildering's Too Hot For You) was Select Bitch both days.  She is owned by myself and Wendy Jones.Dazzle (TippingPoint's Dazzling Pursuit) was Reserve Winners Bitch on Sunday in a lovely entry of class girls.  She is owned by Debra Thornton and myself.Homer (TippingPoint's End of An Era) and family completely made my day by coming out to visit!  He is owned by the Olson Family.

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