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E Litter - Two Weeks!

It's the end of Week Two! 
They are becoming REAL puppies : ). Their eyes are open and they are toddling around.  Though their ears are still not yet open, they are learning to communicate vocally by singing, barking, chortling and growling.  They even offer some adorable clumsy play and mouthing behavior. 
The nest area has been expanded and a potty area (green turf in photos) has been introduced.  When they wake up and when they finish nursing they will be placed on the green turf to start habituating them to using this area for voiding.  This is the beginning of their house-training.
We are finishing up the last two days of Early Neurological Stimulation and, now that they can see and toddle about, the fun of Puppy Culture will begin! The puppies will have new items and experiences introduced daily.  
Click on the photo to visit the E Litter's photo gallery:

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