Goodbye to a Dear Friend

Waltraut Zieher
August 28, 1939 to September 5, 2012

One would think that writing a tribute for someone with whom you shared fond memories and cared for very deeply would be easy, but I am finding that it is not easy at all.  I cannot seem to make my brain wrap around the fact that Waltraut is gone, much less that I have to narrow my feelings for her down to the point that I can put them on paper.  And yet, as I type these words a tableau in her honor is taking place in my very living room as Sojourner von Stutensee lies on the floor gently playing with my small dog, and Tango von Stutensee sits leaning against my leg, her soulful brown eyes peering up into mine. 
 Waltraut left me with two beautiful Leo girls that are soft, gentle and loving.  They are also perceptive, honest and, if necessary, fierce.  They represent, in so many ways, the legacy of Waltraut.  I will cherish my memories of her and feel her with me every time I wrap my arms around their great necks and bury my face in their silken hair.