It was a cold, dark night. . .

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It was a cold, dark night and there is nothing that gets these big, hairy dogs going more than a nip of frost in the air!  So, it was with great enthusiasm that Journey, Tango and I returned to agility lessons last night after almost a year long hiatus.  I must say that Teresa (Agility Guru Extraordinaire) and I were pleasantly surprised when the girls picked right up where they had left off.  Journey enjoys agility (especially the treat/reward part) and Tango is nothing short of a rockstar!  She has great drive and is an absolute speed demon.  The girls and I are returning to lessons once weekly with the goal of attempting a trial in 2013!

A friend was able to snap a picture of J on the A-frame.  She also got a video of us going through a jump-tunnel-jump sequence but I couldn't get it to upload :(.  It got a little too chilly for my friend before it was Tango's turn so there are no photos of her play this time. Picture quality is not too bueno, sorry.

J descending the A-frame

Tango waiting patiently for her turn