Omyto Ondra von Stutensee, 8/12/05 - 2/3/13

Ondra and Dad this year.  The picture may not be clear but the love shared is.

Ondra was my family's first Leo girl.  I had met Waltraut two years earlier and was helping her with her O litter when she asked if I would be interested in co-owning a girl.  At that point in time I was living in an apartment with a no-pet clause but, not to be deterred, I told my mom and dad about Wal's offer and they were more than happy to bring home the bouncing ball of sandy-colored fuzz in my stead.  At this time, Waltraut had Leos Myakka, Iblis, Nugget and Nockerl, all very beautiful girls with appropriately exotic sounding names so my parents asked Wal for help in naming their new puppy.  She obliged and the sandy lass was christened Omyto Ondra.  While the name has a definite unique quality to it, it is not as exotic as one would think. Apparently, while out to dinner with a long-time friend, Waltraut had her toe smashed and yelped "Oh, my toe!" and somehow the exclamation of pain made its way into Ondra's name.

A happy girl, Ondra loved, well. . .everyone.  She had only one nemesis in her eight years, a medium-sized fuzzy black dog that roamed the neighborhood and taunted Ondra and her housemates from the other side of the fence for years.  He apparently said incredibly vile things as he lunged and barked and tore at the wooden pickets because Ondra made it her life's duty to catch the black dog whenever she was off leash in the front yard.  Luckily for him, he was able to hide under an RV parked in a driveway across the street the few times that Ondra ignored commands to stay.  The black miscreant did finally meet his demise though.  He was put down when he bit a young neighborhood girl, it was not his first offense.  I believe Ondra knew the black dog had a black heart.

We love you Ondra and will miss your joyful, loving heart.  Tell Mekka I miss her.  And Waltraut too.