Milestones Monday - 4 Weeks Old

Monday, May 27th, 2013

  • The puppies spent quite a bit of time outside with me this weekend.  The cool of the early morning and evening are fine times in the yard but, in their opinion, the heat of the day is for the reptiles.  They were very happy to go in to the air-conditioned house in the dead of the afternoon.
  • A wobble board has been added to the outdoor puppy pen and all three girls clammer across it with no fear.
  • The girls' appetites are increasing and a fourth meal has been added to their day now that mom is loathe to feed the little vampires.
  • I have begun "loading the clicker", so to speak, by clicking each time I put down their dinner.  They are already recognizing this means good things are ahead. . .of course they also recognize that the sound of the blender is good stuff too, if the din they raise is any indication.
  • They weigh ~ 10 lbs. 

Purple Girl enjoys the cool hole that mom dug.

Purple girl

Hi!  Red girl

Dad sharing a moment with Yellow girl.
(The purple collar is a holistic flea/tick collar.  Everyone is sporting this color now.)

 A Short Study in Recognition with Yellow Girl:

1.  Ahhh! What's that?!?

 2.  Really, what is that?

3.  Oh, it's water.  Perfect, I's thirsty.

Tango & Journey

Red & Purple

Meet Tula the Labrador.  Tula loves water.   

And mud.

Tula does not, however, love puppies.  They are weird.