Milestones Monday - 2 weeks old

Monday, May 13th, 2013

  • The puppies' eyes have opened and they definitely recognize a certain hairy blur as their meal ticket and set to screaming when she walks by, much to Journey's chagrin.
  • They are starting to react to noise.
  • They are attempting to travel about on all fours like little drunken sailors.  (I am finding that my ability to take action photos of them stinks. All I get are blurs.  Not cause they're fast, but because they. . . well, they wobble.)
  • They have surpassed the 5 pound weight mark.
  • They have taken their meals at the buffet bar called 'Mom' on three different surfaces (wood floor, foam matting, tile).
  • I've started introducing them to the idea of a designated potty area. 
  • They've had their nails trimmed twice by clippers and have been introduced to a Dremel tool for grinding.
  • They are now accepting visitors to help with socialization.

    Lindsey and a very relaxed Purple girl.

    Purple girl.

    Love that fat nose.

    Journey, aka The Buffet Bar

    Three drunken sailors bellied up to the bar. . .