5 - 6 and 1/2 Weeks

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oh my, have the puppies grown up.  They are sweet, vivacious, curious, intelligent, beautiful. . .perfect.  I can honestly say that I do not have a favorite.  They are each so very special in their own way. 

Red Girl is outgoing and the first to try anything.  She is also very content to sleep in my lap, or Liz's, or Mom's, or Lynn's, or Dad's. . .well, you get the picture. 

Yellow Girl is, in my mind, the tomboy.  She is a little heavier boned than her sisters and the most playful of the trio.  She follows her aunts Tula and Tango around learning how to choose the best chew sticks and splash up the most water. 

Purple Girl is the singer in the family.  She chortles and woo-woos with the clearest of tone.  She is also a momma's girl and is most often found close by Journey.  She had a bit of a set-back and has spent a few weeks with a splint on her hind leg but the leg is now out and she is more than making up for lost time. 

I hope the families that come to get my girls will understand when I break down in tears as they take their pup home.  If I'm being honest, I will admit that I've teared up a couple of times just thinking about it.  I can only hope that each one is able to give their new families as much joy as they are giving me and that the brightness of their personalities is appreciated.

I've been remiss in my milestone updates as I've had some internet issues so here are a few:
  • The girls have been out and about lately with trips to my parents' business and the horse barn.  Needless to say, they instantly become the center of attention
  • They have met people young and old, male and female, as well as horse and cat.  They've also made friends with a very handsome young Lab pup named Louie.  Puppy Love is so sweet.
  • We have been working on Sit with much success.
  • They love the wobble board and the tunnel and are well on their way to being Agile-Leos, if their owners so choose.
  • They are doing very well with a house training routine.  They go to bed around 10 pm, potty at 2 am, and potty and breakfast at 6 am.  Very few accidents have been had and the ones that are have been in their potty box.
  • They have a definite affinity for the AC (what can I say, so do I) and spend the majority of the afternoon in the house.  If I dawdle about and don't put them in soon enough I get to hear about it in three-part harmony. 
  • They weigh ~ 17 lbs.

Red & Yellow on the wobble board.
Red preparing her circus act.

Lynn with Yellow & Purple.

Liz and all of The Girls.

Nom, Nom. . .Yellow Girl

Purple & Yellow

Purple, Yellow & Tango

Hanging out with the Big Dogs. Red & Yellow.

Journey & Purple

Journey, Red & Purple

Yellow Girl

Yellow Girl

Purple Girl

Red #1

Red #2

Red #3

Red Girl

Yellow Girl & Louie

Red Girl, Louie, and Scout the horse

Red Girl

Red, Purple & Louie

"That's MY pool!"  Louie and Red Girl