Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

One post, several titles.  Enjoy the mish-mash :)!

Ocean Front Property in Arizona

Not really, but the Arizona pup did take a wonderful vacation to the beach in California.
 Looks like Brielle had a wonderful time with her family!

A Water Dog, or Water-logged?

It ain't the ocean, but Venture says it'll do.
She and I and our good friends Lindsey and Louie cooled off in the lake.

Agile Is As Agile Does.

Or something like that.  Tango and Tula had fun at agility practice last week.
I'm looking forward to bringing Journey back in to training tomorrow!

 Love this one. . .it's the Tipping Point!!

Happy, happy, happy.  Agility is so much fun!

Tula makes an early dismount from the teeter. . . .

And has to go back to training wheels.  Silly Tula.