Sunday, January 26th, 2014

The girls and I enjoyed a West Texas Leo Walk with good friends.

L-R:  Ulrike von Stutensee, Sojourner von Stutensee, Texas Tango von Stutensee, Tyr von Stutensee, Undomiel von Stutensee, and TippingPoint's Adventure

Just for Fun - The Familial Breakdown of the West Texas Leos

Ulrike "Rike" and Undomiel "Domi" are sister littermates and will be 2 years old in March.  

Texas Tango "Tango" and Tyr are brother and sister littermates and are 4 years old.  

Sojourner "Journey", Tango and Tyr are half siblings.  They share the same sire (Bluebonnet's Bob).

Journey and Adventure "Venture" are mother and daughter.  Journey is 4 years old, Venture is 9 months.

Rike, Journey, Domi and Venture all share Cera Lowe von Walhall as either mother or grandmother.  Cera was featured in this post a few months ago:  A Beautiful Matriarch.

All of the Leos pictured above, save Venture, were bred by Waltraut Zieher at Leonbergers von Stutensee.

L-R:  Jim with Rike, Mike with Domi, Liz and Tyr, Lynn and Tango.

Rike is owned and loved by Jim and Lynn Gregory.
Tyr and Domi are owned and loved by Mike Felker and Liz Brandt.
Journey, Tango and Venture are much loved by yours truly.