Venture's First Day at School . . .and a Date

I brought Venture along with Tango to my Wahoo Wednesday school program yesterday.  It was Venture's first time to be in the building during school hours and hang out with the kids.  She did excellent!  She enjoyed the attention and even performed a few tricks.  She also snuffled around looking for the sources of all the strange smells :).  

Snuff, snuff.  What ya got in here?

Oh, hi.  Yes, pet me thanks. So. . . what's in the bag?

Do you smell all of that fun stuff Tango?  This place is awesome, huh?!

Mom!! Enough pictures already!!

Oh boy, I think I see a scrap of paper. 

It was a busy day for Venture.  She had to work at human school during the day and then go to puppy school at night.  It ended perfectly though, with a human-drawn cart ride with her bestest bud :).