Friday, August 15th, 2014

B Litter Puppy Updates!

Gaelan (Blue) is loving life in Connecticut. He has a best buddy named Bibbins and seems to have a full-time job providing paper shredding services and general entertainment for his mom.

Kona (Red) is an only child in Colorado and is fully reaping the benefits of being the focus of her family's attention. She enjoys gardening, swimming and has recently launched a career in modeling.

Bally (Red) is hard at work in Texas wooing his housemate Clementine. She is gradually caving in to his debonair charm and dark good looks. Bally is also accompanying his mom on therapy visits and using his aforementioned looks and charm to brighten the day of all who meet him.

Bryn (Orange) is living a charmed life in Texas with Leo kinfolk Tyr and Domi. She is currently working toward obtaining dual certification as a puppy lifeguard and agility professional.
Side-note: I am very pleased that I get to see Bryn often and even have overnight visits from her :).