Monday, February 9th, 2015

On Sunday, I took Venture to a mock agility trial that our trainer, Teresa, was hosting. Teresa lays out a master level course from a previous trial and her students show up and set up as if it is the real deal. It's lots of fun and a good test of where your dog is at in her training because distractions abound. This was Venture's first mock trial and she did great! Since she is still under two years old and considered a puppy, she jumped 12" jumps and skipped the weaves. Her pace was slightly slower than greased lightening ;), but it was a warm day and she tends to discount the short jumps and trot over them like cavalettis. The few times we have gone over 16" jumps she picks up speed and enthusiasm. Apparently she's a gamer :P.  

Venture will turn two on April 27th and I hope we'll be trial ready by this summer.