Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

The Misadventures of Kona
True stories of a cheeky 9 month old Leonberger, as written by her beloved humans Rob Melick and Chloe Reed


Colorado Ambulance "Service" Dog Adventure‏

Chloe took Kona for her standard afternoon walk this past Friday and in a
freak accident Kona crashed into Chloe's leg after snorting around in some
bushes. Chloe's knee dislocated which left her on the ground and unable to
move, calling for help.

Eventually a nice older lady stopped and helped Chloe call 911. Kona was
very stressed out and bounded around (9 month old puppy style) but didn't
run away or knock anyone else over - much to Chloe and the nice older
lady's' relief.

The ambulance arrived, picked up Chloe, and was finally able to get in
touch with me at work. They let me know that they were taking Chloe and our
Service Dog to the emergency room.

I tried to ask about Kona and if I should come get her immediately, and
stated I was confused about the "Service Dog." Clearly, that was not my
dog and they may be running off with some one else's pet! The EMT politely
told me that there was no need to ask any questions, they really needed to
go, that I could meet them there, and hung up.

A bit flustered and very concerned I arrived ahead of the ambulance at the
emergency room and paced around for 5 minutes until they showed up. Chloe
got whisked into a room to get xrays, knee back in place, etc. and the EMT
walked me out the ambulance to retrieve my dog.

I immediately started apologizing for any damages, waiting for the door to
open and a holy tornado of a Leo puppy mess to spill out. To my surprise
Kona was sitting on the metal bench in the back, visibly very nervous, but
very still.

After getting Kona out of the ambulance I was given the full rundown of the
events by the two EMTs. Apparently the standard procedure is of course,
that dogs are not allowed to ride in an ambulance, unless they are a
Service Dog. If not a Service Dog, and no one can immediately take
possession of the dog, they are supposed to call the pound.

The two EMTs, after "meeting" Kona at the scene of the accident, decided
she was "too cute" and "well behaved" to call the pound and that as far as
they were concerned for the next hour or so was clearly a service dog.

Kona climbed right into the ambulance after Chloe was lifted up, and was
dead quiet and sat very still at the front while Chloe was worked on.
After all the IVs, straps etc were done and there was room, she moved
herself next to Chloe's head and stayed there for the ride - giving Chloe a
few licks of encouragement along the way.

The EMT couldn't tell me enough times about how well behaved she was;
especially after they found out she was only 9 months, and that they would
be the envy of their entire unit for having Kona with them. EMT1 asked if
it was okay that he keep a few pictures of Kona he took during the ride and
if I'd let him take a few more. I, of course, obliged, thanked them so
much for making an exception for us, and answered the standard 100
questions about the breed, temperament, full grown size, etc.

Kona finished the adventure out in her favorite gel bathmat lined cargo
area of my SUV; watching the ambulances come and go while Chloe and I
completed her xrays and got marching orders from the doctors.

It was a very stressful day but overall amazing to again see how
intelligent these dogs are, and of course the generosity they bring out in


Chicken For Dinner. . .or Not.

Well, Kona just had her first raw food diet experience. She ate over a pound of raw chicken ready for the grill (marinated in cayenne and chili pepper) in less than 3 minutes. Glad SHE enjoyed her dinner tonight. She'll stay in the backyard for a while.

 — feeling annoyed.


Sounds like my little Rabble-rouser Red Girl has had a busy week.