Monday, April 27th, 2015

Can it be?  My beautiful puppies from Tipping Point's A Litter are two years old today!  

Thank you Kevin and Ingrid East and Muerfy Jr for your part in making the A Litter happen.

Thank you to my Journey.  

Of course and always, thank you to the Kortmans and Laura Bishop and Vincent for loving my girls.

Happy Birthday Lexi, Brielle and Venture! 
May you have many more!

Journey & Tipping Point A Litter - 2 days old

TippingPoint's Alexis, 8 weeks old

TippingPoint's Ari Brielle, 8 weeks old

TippingPoint's Adventure, 8 weeks old

Journey with Venture, Brielle and Lexi - 8 weeks old

Lexi and Brielle in foreground, Venture in back - 8 weeks old

Lexi, 2 years old

Brielle, 2 years old

Venture, 2 years old