Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

This last Sunday Waltraut's Tango became CH Texas Tango von Stutensee NAP CGC, finishing her AKC championship at six years old.  She earned her first two points with Waltraut many years ago at the Lubbock show.  When I recently began dipping my toe in the show world she was right there; steady and true as ever.  I've had a couple of young Leo girls to show too and, because Tango is so easy, she has been handled by many in the juggle.  She has earned points with me, Liz Brandt, Lynn Gregory, Lindsey Brown, and Jane Brewer at the end of the lead.

Our Frontier Leonbergers group loves Tango and there were tears of happiness shed when she received the nod from Judge Doris Cozart on Sunday because we all knew she had gained the last major needed.  And because Tango is the first, and the last, of Waltraut's own dogs to earn a championship since Leos became an AKC breed.

I know that Waltraut would be proud of Tango.  She would be proud of the titles and what she has achieved, but most of all she would be proud that Tango means so much to so many.  And that she brings Leo love and light to every creature she meets.

CH Texas Tango von Stutensee NAP CGC with Judge Doris Cozart and myself and some of the Frontier family that made it possible: Lynn Gregory, Liz Brandt, Wendy Jones, and Teresa West.  Not pictured is Janis Cook.

A young Tango with Waltraut.