Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Frontier Leonberger Club of the Southwest has officially been revived as a regional club affiliate of the Leonberger Club of America!  We were excited to host our first official event this past weekend with a draft and water workshop in Lubbock, Texas.

We are incredibly lucky to have instructors who not only enjoy our dogs, but who are also enthusiastic about seeing us succeed in the working dog world.  We cannot thank Kathy Sylvia and Patti Emmerling enough for a great working weekend and for the promise of many more.

We can't wait to start back up in the spring!

For the full set of photos from this weekend visit FLCS October Working Weekend.

Kathy, D'Nae and Venture (TippingPoint's Adventure)

Patti, Nicole and Andy.  Kathy, D'Nae and Venture.

Jim and Tessa
Tessa and Jim (C Litter)

Kathy and Tessa (C Litter)

D'Nae, Kathy and Cinder