E Litter - 4 weeks!

It has been a jam packed week of puppy fun!
  • The puppies are going outside for an hour+ each day (weather permitting).  They aren't quite ready to stay out for any extended period of time as it does involve some stress for them, though the stress is of the positive variety (a lot of new stuff out of doors!).  I took entirely too many photos of them on Tuesday and posted every one of them to the photo gallery.
  • The puppies are just becoming able to take small solid food pieces from my hand so we have begun "Powering Up" the clicker.  We are developing the association for them that click = treat and it will be the foundation of the positive training they will receive while here (Puppy Culture Communication Trinity).  
  • The puppies are taking the first step to a reliable recall.  Now that they are eating meals served by us (and occasional ones served by Mom) we say "Puppy, Puppy!" as we set the food down.  This will classically condition (think Pavlov's dogs) them to associating the "Puppy, Puppy!" call to awesome and wonderful FOOD.  Eventually, puppy owners will transfer this to a "Come!" and whatever treat their puppy finds amazingly delicious.
  • The puppies have had several new items/surfaces introduced to them this week such as - a water rescue training article (floating boat cushion), foil, packing paper, infant sound toy, the toddler slide, toys of various textures, grass outside, tile porch, hardwood floor, etc.  Most of the items have been featured in a photo or video in the gallery.
  • The puppies are doing an amazing job of using the potty turf!  Puddles and piles are mainly found on the turf, with occasional puddles elsewhere.  They are much more able to stop, find the turf, and poop.  Peeing is sometimes an instantaneous need that doesn't allow for being cognizant of finding the turf.  This will improve as their ability to control their bladder improves, though they will not be in full control until they are 6 months or older.  This is why it is so important they we are aware of when they might need to pee (when they wake up, after they eat, in play), and set them up for success.
  • The puppies continue to be introduced to things that may startle them (but not cause true fear), in order to encourage them to develop the ability to recover quickly to new or startling things.
  • The puppies have listened to an array of sounds that they may later encounter in life on a habituation CD .  They have also enjoyed soothing classical music, various television shows, the blender, the dog blower, the vacuum, as well as some piece and quiet.
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E Litter - Week 4