E Litter - 6 weeks!

Whoops! Puppies are almost 7 weeks now and here I am just writing their 6 week update.  

In their sixth week, the puppies have:

  • had their nails Dremeled.  This grinds their nails down, as opposed to clipping them.  If done often and consistently then no clipping will be needed. Dremeling and/or nail clipping is something that must be kept up in order for the puppies to accept it happily.  Dogs are naturally protective of their feet and without a routine, they may decide that pedicures are not on the list of things they enjoy.
  • continued meeting new people.
  • continued visiting new parts of the house, in pairs and as individuals.  Doing things as individuals helps them to not be so worried when they leave their littermates to go to their new homes.  It also helps them to develop confidence in doing things with their person, without the safety blanket of another dog.
  • continued to explore more of the Big Yard.
  • enjoyed their first hard chew - a bully stick.  Learning to enjoy pacifiers, like a chew, is very helpful for crate training and winding down.
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E Litter - Week 6