E Litter is off to new adventures!

Introducing -

TippingPoint's End of an Era "Homer" and the Olsons

Blue, now Homer, with his family - Carey, Wylie, Shay, Patrick, and Ella.

TippingPoint's Edward Sullivan "Sully" and Stephanie Echer

Orange Boy, now Sully, with his mom Stephanie.

TippingPoint's Erikson "Erik" and Nicole Strickland

Green Boy, now Erik, and his mom Nicole.

TippingPoint's Everlasting Fierce "Ev" and Kendra Haley

Yellow, now Ev, with her new mom Kendra.  Kendra also has full sibling Disco from the D Litter.

TippingPoint's Essig Odin Halehound "Odin" and the Hales

Brown Boy, now Odin, is going to live with the Hale's in Colorado.

TippingPoint's Enchanting Encounter "Gretta" and the Littletons
Red Girl, now Gretta, is going to live with the Littleton's in New Mexico.