Tipping Point's E Litter

Birthdate: October 3, 2018
4 males/2 females
TippingPoint's Enchanted Encounter "Gretta" (New Mexico)
TippingPoint's Essig Odin Halehound "Odin" (Colorado)
TippingPoint's Everlasting Fierce RN TKN TKI CGCA SCN "Eve" (Tennesee)
TippingPoint's End of an Era "Homer" (Texas)
TippingPoint's Edward Sullivan "Sully" (Colorado)
CH Tipping Point's Erikson CGC "Erik" (Kentucky)

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Tipping Point's D Litter


Birthdate:  May 3, 2017
2 Females
TippingPoint's Dazzling Pursuit FDC "Dazzle" (Texas, co-owned with TppgPt Leonbergers)
TippingPoint's Discover the World CGCA TKN "Disco" (Tennessee)

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Tipping Point's C Litter/Bluebonnet P Litter
This litter came from an accidental breeding -- the result of a series of misjudgments on my part.  While I was devastated by my mistake, there is nothing about the puppies in this litter that is less.  They are beautiful and wonderful, every one. Cinder's health tests have since been completed and she passed with flying colors.  
Both Zippo and Cinder are co-owned with Wendy Jones, therefore the litter is co-bred with her Bluebonnet Leonbergers.


Birthdate:  April 14, 2017
5 Males/1 Female
TippingPoint's California Ranger of Bluebonnet "Ranger" (Arizona)
GCH CH TippingPoint's Contessa of Bluebonnet CGC TKN FDC RATI RATN "Tessa" (Texas)
TippingPoint's Celtic Holmes of Bluebonnet "Sherlock" (New Mexico)
Bluebonnet's Priv Coll Cooper of TippingPoint "Cooper" (Colorado)
Bluebonnet's Priv Coll PrinceTeddy of TippingPoint CGC "Teddy" (California)
CH Bluebonnet's Patent Pending of TippingPoint RATI BCAT "Henry" (Utah)
Henry is available at stud. Email Tania Rogers for more information (

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Tipping Point's B Litter

Birthdate:  June 5, 2014
2 Males/2 Females
TippingPoint's Bridge Over Troubled Water "Gaelan" (Connecticut)
TippingPoint's Ballyhoo Baer "Bally" (Texas)
TippingPoint's Bella Kona "Kona" (Colorado)
GCH CH TippingPoint's Brynhildr TKN CGC FDC "Bryn" (Texas, co-owned with TppgPt Leonbergers)

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Tipping Point's A Litter

Birthdate:  April 27th, 2013
3 Females/0 Males
TippingPoint's Ari Brielle "Brielle" (Arizona)
TippingPoint's Alexis "Lexi" (Texas)
CH VL TippingPoint's Adventure NAP RN TKN CGCA "Venture" (stayed at TppgPt Leonbergers)

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