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CH Fiva's Zokrates
HE JW-15 FI JW-15 
SEUCH Wildering's Fortknoxlittlegoldheart x Fiva's Setlocenia


@ 2 years

@ 2 years

Health tests completed in Sweden
Hips:A (Excellent)
Elbows: UA (Normal)
LPN 1&2 N/N
Owned by Victoria Wildering, Wendy Jones, and D'Nae Wilson
Visiting home: D'Nae Wilson
Zippo is not available for breeding to outside females.

Zippo came to the USA as a 2 year old in December of 2016.  He came from the home of Victoria Wildering of Wildering Leonbergers (Sweden) to be a part of both my, and Wendy Jones' (Bluebonnet Leos), breeding program.  Victoria told me before he came that Zippo is as beautiful inside as he is on the outside -- her words were truth.  He is a wonderful boy.  Happy, sweet, cuddly, intelligent.  He epitomizes the melding of majesty and heart that a male Leonberger should.  We are honored to have him.


GCH CH Wildering's Midnight Ride Edition
SEUCH Wildering's Fortknoxlittlegoldheart x Racystar Limited Edition

@ 18 mths

@ 2 yrs
Owned by Wendy Jones, D'Nae Wilson, and Teresa West
Home: Wendy Jones
Unfortunately, Revere was found to be dysplastic and is not available for stud.


Just Like The King Ginger Heaven
Norse Mimir Zielona Cieszynianka x CH Pl Summer Enigma's Heritage Ginger Heaven



DOB: 1/26/2017
Owned by: Wendy Jones, D'Nae Wilson, and Connie Smith
Home: Connie Smith


TippingPoint's Adventure RN NAP CGC TKN
AKC UKC CH Panthera's Blue Note CGC ThD LTA x Sojourner von Stutensee CGC


@ 2 years

Venture in her second agility trial -- a qualifying run in Novice Jumpers w/Weaves Preferred!

Venture in her second agility trial -- a qualifying run in Novice Standard Preferred!

DOB:  April 27, 2013
Click here for Venture's pedigree.
Click here for more photos of Venture.
Owner/Home: D'Nae Wilson (Tipping Point Leonbergers)

Venture is absolutely brimming with personality.  She is expressive and demanding, and her antics keep me in turn laughing and groaning.  Like some of the students that I teach, she wiggles her way out of a pickle with pure charm.  I love this girl and am enjoying watching her mature.

Venture has lovely longevity in her pedigree. Her maternal granddam became a Gray Muzzle Leo, and went on to attain 13 years!  Paternal great-grandsire and dam reached the ages of 12.5 years and 11 years 7 months, and her maternal great-granddam reached the distinguished age of 12 years and 11 months. Her paternal grandsire and great-granddams attained  10,11.5, and 10 years.


GCH CH TippingPoint's Brynhildr CGC TKN
Oxen's Phantom of the Opera x CH Texas Tango von Stutensee NAP CGC


Click here for Bryn's pedigree.
Click here for Bryn's health information.
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Owned by Liz Brandt, Michael Felker and D'Nae Wilson
Home:  Liz Brandt and Michael Felker


Wildering's Too Hot For You
Ikarus Oskar v.d. Aigner-Obermuhle x Wildering's Go-and-Go To Find


18 months
@ 18 months

@ 18 months

@ 13 months

DOB:  March 4, 2016
PennHIP: .27/.37
LPN1&2: N/N
Owned by: D'Nae Wilson & Wendy Jones
Home: D'Nae Wilson (Tipping Point Leonbergers)

Cinder is a super fun Leo girl!  She is bold, intelligent and athletic.  She loves to be cradled on her back in my lap, with my arm held in her mouth.  Her other loves are stick collecting, gopher eradication, toy squeaker destruction, remodeling of shoes (left preferred), agility and water.

TippingPoint's Dazzling Pursuit
CH Fiva's Zokrates x TippingPoint's Adventure RN NAP CGC TKN


TippingPoint's Dazzling Pursuit "Dazzle", 7.5 weeks

TippingPoint's Dazzling Pursuit "Dazzle", 7.5 weeks

DOB: May 3, 2017
Click here for Dazzle's pedigree.
Owned by Debra Thornton and D'Nae Wilson
Home:  Debra Thornton


CH Texas Tango von Stutensee NAP CGC TKN
Bluebonnet's Bob x Nockerl von Stutensee


Tango with Waltraut

Tango in her first agility competition.  We Q'd!

 DOB:  November 6, 2009
       Click here for Tango's pedigree.
Click here for more photos of Tango.
Owner/Home: D'Nae Wilson (Tipping Point Leonbergers)

Tango is retired from breeding but continues her life's work as a therapy dog.  Tango has the ideal Leonberger temperament. She lives to please and is highly trainable. She thrives as a therapy dog while visiting nursing homes and was an excellent example of empathy for a special middle school class taught at my school. 

Tango is also blessed with dogs behind her that have enjoyed long lives and good health.  Her mother, Nockerl von Stutensee, passed away just short of 11 years old.  Tango's paternal grandsire and dam reached the grand ages of 12.5 years and 11 years 7 months.

Click here to read a wonderful newspaper article featuring Tango.