Our Males

GCH CH Fiva's Zokrates
HE JW-15 FI JW-15 
SEUCH Wildering's Fortknoxlittlegoldheart x Fiva's Setlocenia

@ 3  years old

Health tests completed in Sweden
Hips:A (Excellent)
Elbows: UA (Normal)
LPN 1&2 N/N
Thyroid: Normal
Owned by Victoria Wildering, Wendy Jones, and D'Nae Wilson
Visiting home: D'Nae Wilson
Zippo is not available for breeding to outside females.

Zippo came to the USA as a 2 year old in December of 2016.  He came from the home of Victoria Wildering of Wildering Leonbergers (Sweden) to be a part of both my, and Wendy Jones' (Bluebonnet Leos), breeding program.  Victoria told me before he came that Zippo is as beautiful inside as he is on the outside -- her words were truth.  He is a wonderful boy.  Happy, sweet, cuddly, intelligent.  He epitomizes the melding of majesty and heart that a male Leonberger should.  We are honored to have him.


GCH CH Wildering's Midnight Ride Edition
SEUCH Wildering's Fortknoxlittlegoldheart x Racystar Limited Edition

@ 18 mths

@ 2 yrs
Owned by Wendy Jones, D'Nae Wilson, and Teresa West
Home: Wendy Jones
Unfortunately, Revere was found to be dysplastic and is not available for stud.


Just Like The King Ginger Heaven
Norse Mimir Zielona Cieszynianka x CH Pl Summer Enigma's Heritage Ginger Heaven


DOB: 1/26/2017
Owned by: Wendy Jones, D'Nae Wilson, and Connie Smith
Home: Connie Smith